Community and Neighborhood Vendors


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Incorporated, cordially invites Community and Neighborhood vendors to join us on Saturday, June 15, 2019, in celebration of JUNETEENTH.


We define Community and Neighborhood businesses as entities that generate $25,000 or less annually. Subsequent to registration and payment, you will be contacted for selection and confirmation of Booth Space.


Booth Space (10' X 10')     $50.00 (Outside)

Double Space (10' X20')    $75.00 (Outside)













We define Commercial Vendors as entities that generate $25,000 or more annually. Subsequent to registration and payment, you will be contacted by for selection and confirmation of booth or tent space.


Lobby Space  10' x 10'        $300.00

Lobby Space  10' x 20'        $500.00


BBQ COOK-OFF CONTEST (Chicken and Ribs)

ENTRY FEE $100.00

(Wood or Charcoal Grills Only)


Food Vendors and Trucks $200.00

Carts $100



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